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  • Name: Dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride
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  • On Time: 2015-12-29
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I. Product Characteristics
Dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride is a kind of quaternary ammonium salt containing double unsaturated bonds, abbreviated as DMDAAC, with molecular formula of C3H16NCI and the molecular weight of 161.5. It is soluble in water, ethanol, isobutanol and insoluble in ester, ketone and hydrocarbon compounds, stable under different PH conditions, without hydrolysis, nonflammable. It can be used in solution polymerization and emulsion polymerization to form linear homopolymers and various copolymers.

II. Quality Indexes




Colorless or light yellow liquid

Concentration (%)


Chromatic aberration




Sodium Chloride Content (%)


III. Product Purpose
This product, as a cationic monomer, can be homopolymerized and copolymerized with other monomers, to introduce quaternary ammonium salt groups into polymers. It can be used in the production of cationic flocculant, antistatic coating, paper-making intensifier, retention and drainage aid, oilfield drilling auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, daily chemical additives and so on.

IV. Product Package
The package is a three-in-one paper-plastic composite bag, 25kg per bag, or the package can be another kind according to user requirements. The shelf life is 1 year, if there is no auto-agglutination after the storage period, it can be used continuously.

V. Storage, Transport and Precautions
The product shall be stored in a sealed way under shady and ventilated conditions, to avoid the sunshine and high temperature. In addition, the product shall not contact with strong oxidizing agent, iron, copper, aluminum and other materials.

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