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  • Name: Polydimethyl diene propyl ammonium chloride
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  • On Time: 2015-12-29
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I.Property of product  
Polydimethyl diene propyl ammonium chloride is polyelectrolyte with strong positive ion and is safe, nontoxic, liable to dissolve in water, nonflammable, and shows strong cohesion, high stability, without the formation of gel, non-sensitive to PH value and is resistant to chlorine.  
This product has such physical and chemical functions as absorption, charge neutralization, and ion exchange. It has relatively fixed positive charge and has strong binding force with fiber with negative charge, plastics and other surfaces. The product is also highly effective in sterilization and algae removal in wide areas. It can inhibit the breeding of the bacteria and algae in water and the growth of slime, and can strip slime and lead to dispersion and permeation to some extent. At the same time, it can remove oil, inhibit corrosion and can achieve deodorization to some extent.

II. Quality index

Product type 


Solid content(%)

Ion degree(%)

Molecular weight


Colorless or slight yellow viscous liquid   












III.Purpose of product
Used as flocculant and decoloring agent for raw water and sewage treatment, water blending agent for sludge, bactericide, softening agent, antistatic agent, emulgator, regulator, dye-fixing agent for the textile dyeing and printing industry. It can also be used as surfactant in the daily chemical industry. 

IV.Packing of product
Packed by plastic barrel of 56kg and 200kg in sealed packaging; packing can also be finalized as per user’s requirement. The term of validity shall be two years.

V.Storage, transportation and instructions
To be stored in a cool and well-ventilated place after sealing. Avoid the contact of strong oxidant, iron, copper, aluminum and other materials.

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