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  • Name: Friction Reducer (Emulsion) for Fracturing Fluid
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  • On Time: 2018-08-31
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Friction Reducer (Emulsion) for Fracturing Fluid


Volume fracturing is an effective measure for unconventional oil and gas resources development. In the construction operation, fracturing fluid with large displacement and large friction resistance, high operation pressure, restrict the process parameters optimization design; adding drag reduction agent in fracturing fluid, can greatly reduce friction, decrease operation pressure, catch up with request of high flow construction.

˜Product Advantage

Convenient using preparation;

Less consumption, obvious friction reduction effect, cost- effective;

Good compatibility, no negative impact for other additives in gliding water;

Less fracturing fluid filtration and layer absorption.

˜Technical DATA





Colorless viscous liquid

Viscous, m Pa ·s


Density, mg/l




Flash point


Solid content,%


Dissolution time, min


Ionic charge

Mid-high anionic charge

Molecular weight




˜Packaging, transportation, storage

Packed in IBC drums, net weight 1000kg, or on customer's requirements.

Avoid contacting with copper, iron, aluminum etc. In sealed and cool condition has 6 months

shelf life, avoid sunlight exposure neither in high temperature.

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