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  • Name: Flocculants for Titanium Flotation
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  • On Time: 2018-08-31
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Flocculants for Titanium Flotation


In titanium smelting, the selective recovery of ilmenite is the production key progress.Flotation is suitable for treating fine and fine grained materials <10μm. Through bridging , Titanium flotation flocculants connected the fine particle ilmenite into loose or porous aggregates, accelerate its sedimentation in ore pulp, achieve rapid separation.

Product Advantage

The charge density of ilmenite flotation flocculants with the characteristics of high acid and high temperature resistant, stable, fast dissolving speed, high selectivity, fast sedimentation, less residue in supernatant, high efficiency in the settlement of micro fine minerals , can effectively reduce t cost, reduce emissions, improve metal recovery.

Product Indicators





white powder

Solid Content, % 


Cationic Degree


Molecular Weight


Dissolution time, min 



Usage Attention

1.Normally prepare as 0.1% - 0.3% to be water solution, better to use neutral water.

2. Mix product evenly into water, control stirring speed to be 100 - 300rpm, achieve fully dissolved (do not add dry powder, add water).

3. Storage time of polymer Solution should be no more than 24h.For transferring and storing, choose equipment made of stainless steel, plastic, glass or glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Package and Storage

The product is packed in paper plastic three in one compound bag, 25kgs per bag, and can be customized according to user's demand. The shelf life is 2 years. Products easy to moisture, should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse.

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