Environmental Promotion Specialist

Environmental Promotion Specialist

2018-01-11 00:00:00 Changsha 1 8K+

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, major in environment or law

At least 5 years experience in Environmental Promotion of electronic or mechanical products, working experience in top 500 enterprises is preferred

Understand RoHS and WEEE related knowledge, and be familiar with environmental regulations and standards such as environmental labeling and energy efficiency labeling

Fluent in Japanese and English communication and writing skills

Good interpersonal communication skills and teamwork learning skills


job content:

Track and get familiar with the trends and requirements of environmental laws and regulations related to the enterprise, and respond to them

Communicate with headquarters, regional headquarters and various departments within the company on Asian laws and regulations business, receive and convey information, and coordinate the development of relevant business

Education activities on laws and regulations related to internal and external environment of the company

Actively carry out environmental protection promotion activities inside and outside the company

Assist the supervisor to complete the promotion work within the Department

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