We have been taking action to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors!

We have been taking action to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors!

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3.15 on the international financial consumer rights day, Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau warmly reminds you:

1. Be honest and trustworthy and be a respected listed company

2. Rational investment is far from the trap of illegal securities and futures

3. Don't be greedy. Polish your eyes and break your strings to prevent fraud

4. Establish rational investment concept and enhance risk prevention awareness.

5. Choose appropriate financial products and protect your property

6. Select financial products carefully, allocate them reasonably and reduce risks

7. Correctly establish the concept of financial management and rationally choose investment channels

8. Keep risk in mind and invest according to your ability

9. Stay away from illegal fund-raising and refuse the temptation of high profits

10. Improve risk prevention ability and consciously resist illegal fund-raising

11. Know the market, know yourself and be a rational investor.

12. Rational investment is fundamental to follow the trend of speculation and more losses.

13. Investment should go to legal channels to prevent the risk of illegal securities investment and establish the awareness of investment risk.

14. The "five points" to prevent illegal securities activities include: first, learning relevant laws and regulations, second, learning securities investment knowledge, third, maintaining a rational investment mentality, fourth, consulting professionals, and fifth, resisting illegal securities activities.

15. "Speculation" is risky and investment should be cautious,

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