The company has a provincial technology center, a post doctoral scientific research sub station of Shengli Oilfield, and academician Shen Yinchu is the director of the expert committee. With the goal of "leading science and technology", based on the forefront of technological innovation, the company actively carries out process innovation, product innovation and R & D innovation, continuously promotes the combination of industry, University and research, has established good cooperative relations with many first-class scientific research institutes at home and abroad, and a number of products and technologies are at the leading level in the same industry. The main research fields include biochemical industry, polymer chemical industry, three recovery and flooding technology, water treatment application technology, papermaking chemicals, etc.



◎○Leading technology

Fermentation technology of genetically engineered bacteria

Production technology of acrylamide by coupling biological reaction and separation

Production technology of acrylamide crystal

Production technology of pre alkali homopolymerized co hydrolyzed polyacrylamide

Production technology of acrylic acid by microbial method

Production technology of hydrolyzed polyacrylamide after homopolymerization

Production technology of polyacrylamide by copolymerization

High activity DMDAAC production technology

Production technology of temperature and salt resistant polyacrylamide

Production technology of cationic polymer composite initiator

Production technology of drinking water grade polyacrylamide

Production technology of high efficiency papermaking fiber dispersant

Production technology of surfactant for oil production

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